ADF&G: Wildlife Forever

The ADF&G Invasive Species Program promotes invasive species awareness and prevention. Introduction and spread of invasive species can be minimized by implementing best practices such as cleaning, draining, and drying all equipment and boats before launching and after use, particularly when used in infested waters.

Please report observations of invasive species to the department by calling 1-877-INVASIV or visiting our website. We engage in active management, control and eradication of invasive northern pike in Southcentral, facilitate early detection of invasive species statewide and coordinate with partners in Alaska.

Our Mission:

To conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. One of Wildlife Forever’s signature programs is the Clean Drain Dry Initiative which uses the common denominator found in outreach education to generate behavior-changing practices in recreational users that help protect natural resources from invasive species. Unifying consistent messaging of Clean Drain Dry creates stewardship and relevancy locally using nationally approved best management practices (BMPs). It can be used in conjunction with other tag lines or brands yet stands strong as the simple clear message understood by all. Invasive species impact the American public at the cost of 137 BILLION DOLLARS a year!

Invasive Species Program