Alaska Caribou Hunting

Produced by Paul Atkins

Alaska Caribou hunting is at the top of many outdoor enthusiasts list. Paul Atkins of Kotzebue, Alaska is Hunt AlaskasAfter the Shotcolumnist and a longtime contributing editor. An avid big game hunter, hes been hunting in Alaska since 1994. Paul has taken around 100 caribou between then and now, so hes quite knowledgeable about caribou hunting. In this video Paul discusses what it takes to embark on a do-it-yourself (DIY) Alaska caribou hunting adventure.

Where to Go

With roughly 32 different herds of caribou, Alaska caribou hunting is possible from the Kenai Peninsula in the south to north of the Arctic Circle, from the Canadian border in the east to the coastline of western Alaska.

Where to go is one of the first questions you need to address. There are several herds of caribou in Alaska. With roughly a quarter of a million caribou in northwest Alaska, its one of the good areas if you are able to hunt without a guide. Tags can still be bought over the counter, and logistics arent terribly complicated. You can fly Alaska Airlines directly to Kotzebue, then hire a transporter (if unguided) or a guide to get into the field. Transporters and guides book well in advancesometimes a couple years, so youll want to address that question first. The DIY, unguided option is less expensive and is the focus of this video. If unguided, youll need to do considerable research to figure out where you want the transporter to drop you off.

The Gear

What to take with you when Alaska caribou hunting is another question youll need to answer. Some transporters rent camping gear, etc. or you can bring your own. Obviously, youll need to bring your own hunting gear, and since this is wilderness, youll need to have everything you need to be self-sufficient once the transporter drops you off. Paul provides good advice on what gear youll need to have with you, whether youre bow hunting or rifle hunting.

Alaska caribou hunting provides one of the more accessible, affordable big game hunts in the Greatland, and this large member of the deer family provides excellent meat and impressive trophies. Check out Pauls seminar on Alaska caribou hunting.