Alaska Float Trips

Alaska float trips

Alaska float trips are the stuff of dreams for many outdoor enthusiasts. Adam Cuthriell of FishHound Expeditions shares his experience about the advantages of an Alaska float trip, as well as the some of the factors you should consider in deciding if a float trip is for you, and if you should go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route versus a guided float trip.

Compared to a lodge trip, once you’re on the river you don’t have to worry about the weather dictating whether you’ll be able to get out; you’re already there. Another advantage is that on an Alaska float trip, you’re not subject to a lodge’s schedule. You can eat when you want, float when you want, sleep when you want, and so on. You can spend more time fishing, and less time in the lodge, wishing you were fishing.

Another advantage of an Alaska float trip is that you can access areas that are only accessible by floating down the river. You’ll be able to see everything the river has to offer, and some places that not even a helicopter can access. Beautiful places, with untouched fishing…

You can do a DIY Alaska float trip, but guided float trips are a good option for those who may not be comfortable in complete wilderness for long periods of time. A guided Alaska float trip eliminates a lot of uncertainty regarding danger areas and navigation. Plus, floating and camping on the river is a lot of work. The guided option makes things much easier. Guides will also have the quality gear needed to make your camp very comfortable, and you don’t have to figure out the logistics of getting your gear out there. They’ll also plan the meals and cook, and since they do it all the time, they’re good at it. Some outfitters, like FishHound Expeditions, even provide the fishing gear you’ll need on your trip. To top it all off, your guides will be first-aid certified and carry communications gear to contact help if needed. Generally speaking, guided is a safer option than DIY.

An Alaska float trip is a bucket-list adventure for many regardless of whether you do-it-yourself or take the guided option.