DIY Moose Hunt

Alaska moose hunting is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding big-game hunts in Alaska. At first, the thought of trying to take down, and then take apart, an animal that can weigh 1500 pounds, is a  daunting task. Moose are the largest species of deer, and in general, Alaska moose are the largest species of moose, so you have every right to be intimidated at taking your first moose on your own. They also have some of the most impressive head gear of any deer species and the meat tastes very good.

Moose hunting requires lots of planning and preparation, but can be accomplished on  your own. In this video seminar, Hunt Alaska magazine Publisher Marcus Weiner shares insights of how he  successfully harvests moose on DIY hunts. In addition, the seminar includes footage from a successful moose hunt in 2020 in Icy Bay. 

Marcus discusses some of the essential concepts regarding DIY Alaska moose hunting. The paramount concept he conveys is patience, as Alaska moose hunting often requires long hours of waiting while you try and draw a bull to you by calling. Often times, long hours of waiting are punctuated with short intervals of chaotic activity. 

He tells the viewer that the most common mistake by moose hunters is to lose patience and try and walk around to spot a moose, rather than to sit in one location with the wind in your face and call using a calling sequence and amplification device. Marcus uses the Bull Magnet and discusses some of the basic calls and how he sequences those calls.

Other concepts conveyed by Marcus are to hunt with a team. Having butchered moose in both two-man and three-man teams, Marcus suggests that you should have three on your Alaska moose hunting team. Another foundation concept is for hunters to predetermine how far you are willing to pack out the moose. For Marcus, it’s about a mile. That sets how far you should travel in determining a calling spot. Hind quarters of large moose can weigh more than 150 pounds, so be realistic about your physical capabilities or risk serious injury.

Behind-the-scenes footage from an Icy Bay moose in 2020 round out this Alaska moose hunting seminar. Team members Marcus Weiner, Kirk Studebaker and Brett Gildemaster are the foundation members of this Alaska moose hunting team. Hear from Marcus as he gives you field reports, has a run in with a great bull on the fly-in day, sends out cow calls, and comes to a successful conclusion by taking a bull. Watch an awesome time-lapse sequence as the team takes apart and packs out the moose. 

For all the details from that moose hunt, as well as general information on Alaska moose hunting, grab a copy of the Spring ’21 edition of Hunt Alaska magazine. In the feature article, Marcus discusses the logistics, gear, regulations, techniques, pitfalls and highlights of Alaska moose hunting. He shares a great deal of hard-earned knowledge so that more competent hunters can harvest their own moose. Moose hunting is a popular pastime for both resident and non-resident hunters, and the more prepared you are for what you might face, then the better the experience and more likelihood of success. 

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