Alaska Sportsman's Lodge

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge is a full-service lodge on the Kvichak River. We provide a high-end experience for anglers, including guided angling on the Kvichak River, guided fly-out fishing to other noteworthy streams in the Bristol Bay area, 5-star cuisine and comfortable accommodations.

Rainbow trout fishing on the Kvichak can be extraordinary. This river has the potential to put out giant trout, thanks to the huge amount of food for the trout in the Lake Iliamna system. Millions of sockeye salmon return each year, providing nutrition for both trout and fishermen. Anglers get the thrill of catching sockeye salmon, which are among the strongest salmon pound for pound, and the resulting delicious fillets. Trout target sockeye for their eggs, smolt and eventually flesh, and this huge protein source is a big part of what produces quality rainbow trout.

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge sits on prime water about four miles from Lake Iliamna. This homewater location is a big advantage for anglers visiting Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge as there are days during the season where you are unable to flyout due to weather. On most days. anglers have the ability to fly out to blue-ribbon streams in the area. Our pilots and guides at Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge are intimately familiar with the rivers in the area and keep on top of what rivers are fishing well throughout the season. This allows them to tailor a program for each angler depending on their wants and what is happening in the angling landscape that week.

Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge puts a premium on providing top-notch service for their guests. The main lodge has a hardwood-floored dining room; a luxurious living room with a fireplace, couches and rockers; a wet bar; a fly-tying area; a tackle/guides room; a loft with a reading area and map room; and a laundry room. The all-inclusive main lodge provides ample space for all of the guests to stretch out and relax, yet it is intimate enough to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow guests and guides. The guest cabins were designed for comfort and all have incredible views of the Kvichak River. Each double-occupancy room has a private bathroom, shower, and two very comfortable beds with linens, and comforters. A boardwalk that runs from the floating dock up to the main lodge connects the entire lodge. With a maximum occupancy of 20 guests, the lodge provides top-shelf service in a very private, exclusive setting. We hope you’ll join us.

Luxury Alaska Fishing Lodge

On the Kvichak River

Services Offered

  • World-Class Fishing

  • Full-Service Luxury Lodge

  • Trophy-Sized Trout

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