Alaskan Gun Guard

The Alaskan Gun Guard was created by Lee and Connie Bridgman of North Pole, Alaska, to solve the problem of how to keep mud and debris off of your scope and out of your rifle’s action when you are in the field hunting. Additionally, it’s made to protect those same areas from rain. Lee and Connie are long-time Alaska residents and faced these problems over many years hunting in the Alaska Range. It has earned the “Made in Alaska” designation.

The Alaskan Gun Guard uses five sets of magnets to close, so it goes on quickly and quietly and comes off the same way. It’s made in a number of camouflage patterns including green camo, pink camo, black rifle model, conceal green camo, orange camo, khaki, snow camo, black, and brown conceal camo. Features include a cord and cord lock on both ends to allow you to cinch down the guard on the barrel and grip, thereby reducing the amount of debris, mud or water that gets onto your rifle.

One of the other design elements is a visible range card pouch so that you can record ballistics data for the ammunition you use and have it readily available. Additionally, the Alaskan Gun Guard is waterproof and scratchproof. We tested the product in 2020 on multiple hunts and it performed exceptionally well and earned a Hunt Alaska magazine Editors’ Choice Award. The green camo pattern blends in well in normal forested hunting terrain.

An additional product designed by the Bridgmans is the Alaskan Coupler Guard. This product was created to protect trailer couplers and locks from freezing, making it so that you either had to cut off the lock or heat it up. Furthermore, the bright colors of the Alaskan Coupler Guard make it more visible and less likely that you will bash your shins on the trailer coupler. The product will fit on basic trailers that don’t have brakes to large trailers with brake fluid reservoirs. It is available for purchase in bright orange and bright yellow colors.

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Alaskan Gun Guard

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