Alaska's Fish Tales Lodge

Alaska’s Fish Tales Lodge

Alaska’s Fish Tales Lodge is the destination for your all-inclusive Prince Of Wales Island fishing vacation as well as self-guided hunting adventures. From June through October, Prince of Wales Island sees sizable runs of Pacific salmon swarming its rivers. Aside from the spectacular freshwater fishing, our saltwater fishing is out of this world. Halibut, rockfish, cod, crab, and shrimp, are targeted in the saltwater. Anglers can experience the best of both worlds in southeast Alaska. River and saltwater combo trips are tops of the line.

For hunters, we offer excellent self-guided waterfowl, Sitka blacktail deer, and black bear seasons. Prince of Wales is known to have the highest population density of trophy black bears in the world. Studies have shown that bears on Prince of Wales have a skull size average that is one and a half inches larger than bear populations of the same age found elsewhere in North America. Spring black bear hunting occurs in April, May and June and a fall black bear season occurs in September and October.

Alaska’s Fish Tales Lodge is your home base for self-guided Sitka black-tailed deer hunting. September is when you hunt the alpine, October is when the deer are in pre-rut, and November is rut season. Late fall is our favorite time to be in the woods for deer when the temperatures seem to be just right for hanging meat.

Waterfowl hunting on Northern Prince of Wales Island is the best. They offer an unsurpassable duck hunt on the north end of Prince of Wales, hunting over world class dogs. They also offer great hunting for sea ducks, geese and puddle ducks and there is no hunting pressure.

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