Beckman Nets

Beckman Nets

Beckman Nets are the manufacturers of quality fishing nets that serve a variety of fishing styles and species. If you’re an avid adventure seeker in Alaska you might find you need a couple of Beckman Nets. A small fixed-handle net that is 11X18 comes with a lanyard that will attach to a buckle or ring is perfect for your float tube. If you are a salmon fisherman no doubt you have your own or at least have your eye on one of Beckman Nets standard offerings with their brand identifying metallic blue color. Popular Alaska salmon sizes include the BN3543S for king salmon and the BN3244S. Beckman’s standard net purchases involve selecting the net size you wish then pairing it with the handle size you prefer in either fixed or variable length.

Of note are Beckman’s Coated and PVC nets, designed to be fish friendly with a flat bottom to help reduce stress on fish prior to release. Recently we added a rubber net design to their line up. Our standard nylon nets are designed to be extremely durable and have the ability to scoop very quickly in the water with less drag. Whatever your preference, at Beckman we have a net solution for everyone.

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Beckman Nets

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