Boating Accessories by Fish Fighter Products

Seminar by Fish Fighter Founder Chuck Ceccarelli

Boating accessories are more important than you may think. Organizing and storing gear while having everything at your fingertips improves your success rates on the water. Fish Fighter Products operates out of Mountain Home, Idaho. They manufacture a wide range of products well suited to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. This video, filmed on the Columbia River in the famous Buoy 10 fishery and farther upstream, showcases many boating accessories by Fish Fighter Products such as their rod extenders, drink holders, sliding rail system, boat seat backpack, and more. They also show how Fish Fighter Products work with Folbe rod holders.

Fish Fighter Products founder Chuck Ceccarelli is an avid angler. He noticed that many of the fishing and boating accessories in use for the Pacific Northwest could be improved. Having manufacturing experience along with equipment to fabricate products out of marine aluminum and other materials, Chuck began to build his own products. Fish Fighter Products continues to expand their fishing and boating accessories product line to help you catch more fish with your boat.

In the first half of the seminar, Chuck demonstrates how Folbe rod holders can be integrated into the Fish Fighter Products sliding rail system and rod extenders, tackle tenders and other products. All of these are shown while fishing in the Buoy 10 fishery. What’s unique is that not only are the products discussed, but the practical use of these pieces is shown in action, doing exactly what they were designed for.

In the second half, Chuck describes and demonstrates one of Fish Fighter Products’ newest items: the Boat Seat Backpack. This innovative piece of equipment is going to be in high demand among boating accessories as the word gets out. The Boat Seat Backpack is designed to strap onto seatbacks and creates a surprising amount of additional storage space. Put one on each of your boat’s seats and you will greatly improve your boat’s organization and storage capacity.