Burnewiin Equipped

Produced by Troy Buzalsky

Burnewiin makes a boat mounting system and multiple accessories that can be plugged into those mounts; items such as their four different rod holders, a Burnewiin knife, tables and cutting boards, and more. Troy Buzalsky is the Boats columnist at Fish Alaska. He’s written about everything from boat maintenance to boat product lines and everything in between in the years he’s been writing for us.  In this video he discusses a high-end boat product line.

Troy discusses two of Burnewiin’s sturdy, easy-to-adjust rod holders including the heavy-duty RH570 and super-duty RH6650. The Burnewiin 6650 is so stout, you can leave a halibut rod in the rod holder while winding in even barn-door halibut. All you diehard halibut anglers and halibut charter operators, take note.

Burnewiin also makes adaptors that can be used with other boat accessories and rod holders that allow you to use those accessories and rod holders in thier custom mounts. Examples of other brands the adaptors work with include Cabela’s, Folbe, Scotty and West Marine.

One of their more useful products is their Downrigger Adapter plates with alloy Cannon or Scotty downriggers to be mounted.  When the downriggers aren’t in use, they can be removed and the mount can be used for a rod holder or other accessory.

The Burnewiin mounting system is a very robust, versatile and easy-to-use system.  On a recent trip to Sitka, Alaska, Editor George Krumm noted that the Burnewiin System was on Tom Nelson’s (The Outdoor Line) 30’ by 9’ Duckworth Offshore. It’s a beautiful, very functional saltwater boat and with the exquisite mounting system and accessories, it is most certainly “Burnewiin Equipped.” When you spend nearly six figures or more for a big saltwater boat, it seems like a no-brainer to have their mounting system installed.

For more information about their products, visit their website.