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Caddis Waders

Caddis Waders has earned a reputation for quality and customer service, which is where we focus. We started our business with just a few waders and boots, and have now grown into an extensive line including breathable waders, as well as neoprene styles, for men, women, and youth. We have various models with stockingfoot or bootfoot options. We make both fishing and hunting waders, wading jackets, wading boots, vests, and a slew of wader accessories. 

On the hunting side the brand is known as Waterfowl Wading Systems by Caddis, each featuring the Realtree Max-5 camo pattern.  One innovation in our hunting gear includes a hybrid wader where above the waist is their CaddisDry breathable material and below the waist is constructed of their high-density neoprene. It offers the best case scenario because the waders provide the necessary warmth and protection while also providing air flow in the upper body region. Each has a built in bootfoot made from either 1000 or 1200 gram Thinsulate and feature our all-weather, all-terrain sole.

In addition to waders, Caddis Waders manufactures wading boots, some that feature an environmentally friendly, felt-free Ecosmart ll sole option proprietary to Caddis. Our Northern Guide Ultralite and Explorer wading shoes are both available in women’s sizing. Caddis makes products suitable for the whole family and in Alaska it’s usually a family affair. One of our most iconic products are the women’s waders that come in either pink or teal. We are especially excited about the new youth sizing in their Max-5 2 ply camouflage chest waders, perfect for Alaskan kids.

Caddis Wading Systems has always been eyes wide open on the fishing industry while we change and evolve with the economy as well as the needs of anglers all over the country. You’ll spot Caddis Waders nicely boxed in sporting goods stores across Alaska, the West Coast and around the country.

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