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Daiwa is a global fishing brand well known for making top-notch fishing products for saltwater and freshwater conventional and fly anglers. In terms of Alaska fisheries, Daiwa makes excellent products for use in the saltwater salmon and bottomfish markets, as well as in the river-based salmon fisheries, and rods and reels for any freshwater species found swimming in Alaska.

Daiwa reel offerings include the following categories: Baitcasting Reels, Round Casting Reels, Spinning Reels, Saltwater Spinning Reels, Spincast Reels, Saltwater Conventional Reels, Line Counter Reels, Power Assist Reels, and Fly and Mooching Reels. Rod classifications include Freshwater Rods, Freshwater Specialty / Trolling Rods, Travel Rods, Saltwater Rods and Surf Rods. In addition to rods, reels and line, they offer Lures, Accessories, and Apparel. In addition to buying rods and reels independently, Daiwa also offers both spinning and baitcasting combos.

Over many years, editors at Fish Alaska have tested their products and found them to be excellent performers. Not only do they shine in technique-specific fisheries, but they have proven to be reliable over long-term use. Advanced engineering and cutting-edge materials make this possible. They  seek to maximize performance and minimize weight in many of their products and the result is that anglers can fish longer with less fatigue.

Reels like the Lexa Line Counter are well-suited for Alaska. Their line of travel rods, saltwater rods and casting rods all deserve a serious look when aiming to expand your rod arsenal. We’ve been using Daiwa J-Braid for several years now and it’s become our braid of choice.

Daiwa also makes Power Assist reels that have a place in the deepwater, saltwater fisheries in Alaska. In some places, anglers target halibut at depths beyond 300 feet, and having a Power Assist reel can make fishing at depth much more manageable and enjoyable. Josh Leach, Alaska representative, offers a seminar on the tools and techniques for deepwater bottomfishing in the seminar section of this show.

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