Dardevle by Eppinger

Eppinger was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1906 by Lou J. Eppinger where he invented one of the world’s best known and popular lures, the “Dardevle.” The well-known red and white striped spoon was originally introduced as the “Osprey”, but the name was changed to “Dare Devil”, after WWI, recognizing the United States Marine Corps. After objections by clergy, the name was deliberately misspelled and changed to “Dardevle.”

Dardevle By Eppinger is a worldwide fishing brand known for manufacturing the famous red and white Dardevle spoon. Dardevle is known for being one of the best northern pike lures in the world, but they have over 10,000 different color and size combinations for all of your fishing adventures.

There are many different styles within the Dardevle brand, including the Devle Dog and Cop-E-Cat, which are go-to lure models when fishing in Alaskan waters. These two styles of lure combined with a multitude of colors to choose from will undoubtedly help make some unforgettable memories of your Alaskan fishing adventures.

In Alaska, spoons like the Devle Dog and Cop-E-Cat will draw strikes from a wide range of fish species. Let’s consider the Devle Dog. Casting the smaller sizes like 1/4- and 1/3 ounce, resident species like rainbow trout, Arctic char, Dolly Varden char, and Arctic grayling can be caught in rivers and lakes across the Great Land. In larger sizes like the 1/2-, 2/3- and 3/4-ounce models, well-presented spoons can entice bites from coho, chum and king salmon, lake trout, northern pike, and Arctic sheefish. The 2-ounce and 3-ounce versions of the Devle Dog can be used to tackle a variety of bottomfish like rockfish, lingcod and small halibut, especially in shallow-water situations. Those big spoons can be jigged through the ice to huge lakers or northerns, as well as trolled for coho, chum and king salmon in big rivers and in the ocean.

Dardevle by Eppinger has the right size, model and color spoon to help you catch a very wide range of fish swimming in Alaska’s waters.

American-Made Quality

Since 1906

Eppinger celebrated it’s 100 year milestone in 2006 as the leading company and innovator of high-quality fishing lures. Karen Eppinger proudly notes, “We’re still having fun in our business, but we’re so busy filling orders for over 1 million lures a year, we don’t go fishing often enough ourselves.”