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Diamond D Outdoors is an Alaska-based business specializing in our top-selling product, The Denali Chest Holster.  The Denali Chest Holster’s innovative design is built to withstand the most challenging weather conditions while providing unmatched comfort and versatility.  The Denali Chest Holster is designed to be worn tight on your chest for one-handed, quick and easy drawing. No need for extra buckles tied to your belt, around your neck cutting off circulation, or filling your chest with its footprint, The Denali Chest Holster is HANDMADE and offers a streamlined, minimalist design. MADE in the USA using the BEST material on the market and trusted by thousands, The Denali Chest Holster is the most universal fitting and comfortable nylon chest holster on the market.

Diamond D Outdoors is a spin off of their parent company Diamond D Custom Leather, the ORIGINAL makers of the ULTIMATE OUTDOOR HOLSTERThe Guide’s Choice Leather Chest Holster.  They love the outdoors, shooting guns, and making a great product to do both. Living in Alaska’s bear country they understand the need for a quality, and most importantly COMFORTABLE outdoor gun holster to protect yourself all day. Diamond D has used their decades of experience to build their company and the trust of their customers.  All of their products are designed, tested, and used in Alaska.  They manufacture everything in the USA and believe that if you want the best quality, you must not cut corners with foreign designs, parts, or quality.  Trust in Diamond D for your next purchase.

The Denali Hunter Chest Holster

Attention HANDGUN HUNTERS:  You now have a CONVENIENT and COMFORTABLE way to carry your scoped revolver. Introducing the Denali Hunter Chest Holster.  Handmade in the USA using ballistic nylon, this lightweight chest holster is designed to fit most revolvers up to an 8 3/8” barrel.  The Denali Hunter Chest Holster will ride comfortably on your chest, allowing your hands to be free, all while distributing the weight of that heavy revolver to the core of your body.  Included on each shoulder strap is an extra ammo reload strip offering quick access to your next round.  The Hunter edition of our popular Denali Chest Holster (made for semi-auto’s and standard revolvers) will make your next handgun hunt a pleasure.  100% satisfaction guaranteed plus a lifetime warranty is offered on all our products.  Shop online or give us a call anytime. 

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