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E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. has been the North American manufacturer and distributor of the windlass-alternative anchoring solution for 30 years. Some of the benefits of owning an E-Z Anchor Puller drum anchor winch includes: no need to tie off to a cleat; no jams or tangled lines, and no specific diameter or brand rope and chain needed. The anchor rode is always neatly spooled onto the drum and pushing the rocker switch from the helm eliminates trips to the bow.

The company carries three specific series of drum anchor winches- the Hero, Patriot, and Rebel series- with three sizes in each that are designed to accommodate the anchoring needs of boats in fresh and saltwater, as well as any make or model that uses an anchoring application. Every winch carries a unique, patented motor that prevents corrosion from the inside out, and each drum is manufactured with high-quality, 316 stainless steel. Every drum anchor winch is covered by their famous 7-year recreational warranty and 3-year commercial warranty!

The Hero and Patriot series are direct-drive units which deploy anchor, rope and chain at 100’ per minute, giving boaters in shallower waters more control over deployment. The Rebel series is the true free-fall series that deploys anchor as fast as gravity allows after a quick, 2-second push of the rocker switch. The Rebel series especially has made an impact in the Alaskan charter fishing culture as the true free-fall series and has been factory-installed on several aluminum OEM’s including Duckworth, Kingfisher, ACI and Wooldridge.

E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. was founded in 1990 by lifelong entrepreneur George L. Towns in Ludington, Michigan.  Since being acquired by new investors in 2011, the headquarters has relocated to South Florida with a manufacturing center near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and several regional warehouses nationwide. 

Over the past 30 years, E-Z Anchor Puller Mfg. Co. has sold thousands of drum anchor winches all over the world including Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the West Indies. The company currently operates out of Parish, Florida with a satellite office near Pittsburgh, PA. E-Z Anchor Puller has grown to acquire five warehouses across the United States and Holland, as well as a network of affiliated boat builders and authorized dealers and installers. To this day, the company continues to sign on new boat builders and create networks with its authorized list of installers across America and Canada. 

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