Watching eagles dive for trout in the Colorado River inspired our founder Drew McGill to build a business in 1925—the seminal product, a fish hook modeled after an eagle’s talon. Ninety-seven years later, the commitment to the outdoor lifestyle and more importantly to the American worker—to doing things the right way even when it’s hard, continues to reap rewards. The idea that our products are foundational to something special and rare and fleeting, informs all we do. It raises our standards and informs our values. It’s not just a marketing slogan.

We are the only American-Made fishhook manufacturer and it’s not because it’s easy. It’s expensive, but our steadfastness is rewarded with the commitment of our employees. The result—in-house engineering inventing the technology that makes our hooks under Eagle Claw, Lazer Sharp, and Trokar brands, a water treatment facility on site returning clean water to the water supply, and a skilled American workforce driving innovation. Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Company continues to grow and reach new markets.

We proudly distribute to over forty countries. Our improvements in hook design, strength, and the sharpness possible on a hook point pace the industry. Not losing sight of our values, we offer good, better, and best product options—to keep fishing an attainable hobby for all. Through our commitment to our values and the efforts of our employees, Eagle Claw Fishing Tackle Company is a reliable, stalwart of the outdoor lifestyle.

American Made Fishing Hooks, Plus Gear and Terminal Tackle for fresh and saltwater.

Since 1925