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With bountiful freshwater rivers, streams and lakes, Alaska’s Interior and Arctic provide ample opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. The Chena River is easily accessible and family friendly for catching Arctic grayling. The Richardson and Steese highways and nearby Chena Hot Springs Road offer a variety of lakes stocked with Arctic char and grayling, rainbow trout, king and silver salmon in addition to natural stocks of northern pike and burbot. South Fairbanks offers Tanana Lakes Recreation Area and near the City of North Pole you’ll find Chena Lake Recreation Area—both convenient places to wet your line, summer or winter.

A variety of options are available to see in Fairbanks. You can rent a car or motorhome and camp along the way and during your stay in the area. There are a variety of hotel and cabin rental options on the way. Make sure to visit the Explore Fairbanks website for recommendations on services needed for your Fairbanks, Alaska vacation including fishing tours and guides.

A great destination for Alaska residents, if you haven’t been to Fairbanks lately you are missing out! Go see them during Aurora Season, August 21 through April 21, for magical Northern Lights displays and in the summer for fishing, hiking and exploring.

For more information on planning your trip to Fairbanks, visit www.explorefairbanks.com.

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