Every day since 1948, Hewescraft makes boats for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska because the conditions there demand safety and reliability. Both are mission-driven qualities that have distinguished them as the regional leader. Safety, reliability, fishability, and fun are the features that families look for most whenever and wherever they spend time on the water. Canada, California, Montana, the Great Lakes—no matter where you live, conditions can change quickly. Boaters need a vessel that can handle the elements.

With three categories of boats: protected water, medium ocean and large ocean, wherever you are fishing, they make a model for you. Ten different series of boat models in dozens of different option configurations and sizes ranging from 16’ to 29’ are included in their lineup. The experience, technology, and craftsmanship of their 160 employees make their all-welded, heavy-gauge aluminum boats the benchmark of fishing vessels. With over 60 years of boat building making them the oldest boat builder on the West Coast, they are proud that Hewescraft is the number one selling heavy-gauge aluminum boat in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The boat manufacturer has dealers in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Soldotna, including our friends at Dewey’s Cook Inlet on East 76th Street in Anchorage.

You may never need all the toughness and safety that have been engineered into each of their boats, but when there’s a red sky in the morning during the best bite of the year, you’ll be happy you bought a Hewescraft. In fact, you’ll probably be happy you bought one each and every day spent on the water.

Safety, Reliability, Fishability, and Fun

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Since 1948

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  • Protected Water Boats

  • Medium Ocean Boats

  • Large Ocean Boats