How to Cook Salmon and Other Seafood Tutorials

how to cook salmonHow to cook salmon and other sport caught fish is a skill that many Alaska fishermen seek to master. We spend many joyful hours catching sockeye salmon, coho salmon, and king salmon, and want to enjoy the delicious and nutritious tablefare that Alaska salmon provides. When chrome and straight from the sea, many people also enjoy pink salmon and chum salmon, so learning different techniques to cook salmon helps convert fillets to gourmet meals. 

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute provides a substantial amount of how-to information in this video seminar series that feature Alaska fish cooking techniques and recipes. Cooking salmon and other seafood is paramount among them. One video shows you how to bake frozen wild salmon. Another shows you how to grill a salmon fillet. Another demonstrates how to pan sear frozen wild salmon, and one shows you the technique of pan-grilling salmon.

Cooking salmon is an important skill, but there is lots of delicious seafood in Alaska and this video seminar series includes recipes for miso Alaska black cod, halibut mushroom leeks, garlic spot prawns, Chu Chee scallops, Alaska king crab avocado toast, how to poach frozen Alaska halibut, how to roast frozen Alaska pollock, and halibut pesto. Alaska wild seafood is as good as any fish on the planet, and learning how to cook salmon and seafood is time well spent considering the bounty of fish that we can harvest from Alaska’s thriving fish stocks.

One very popular method to cook salmon is to smoke it. We share techniques for how to smoke salmon in a different seminar in this show. In the May 21 issue of Fish Alaska magazine, we share some of our favorite how we cook salmon recipes. From blackened fish tacos, to a poké bowl, salmon burgers to smoked salmon, the feature article is all about making delicious salmon.

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