Icy Strait Lodge

Icy Strait Lodge offers hotel-style lodging, restaurant and bar, car and boat rentals, restaurant and bar, and local entertainment. The lodge is located in a very beautiful area of Hoonah, Alaska and operates year-round in their southeast town. The waterside of the lodge has a southern exposure where three waterways converge on a constantly changing “tidal flat.” It provides a remarkably beautiful and ever-changing panorama.  The beauty of the location and interaction with wildlife has led them to call the remarkable view from their back yard a “Nature Theater.”

Owners Ed and Barbara Phillips believe that this unique, serene and ever-changing view of the ocean showcases the magnificence of the ocean that comes like clockwork to their beach twice a day! It is a sight to behold and the perfect home for your Alaska fishing vacation.

The hotel offers single, double, and triple rooms plus their king room and the suite with a kitchen. It is rustic but beautiful. Modern amenities are included as is a serene area for you to really unwind. Boat rentals are available for up to four people per boat. The restaurant serves up hearty homestyle meals including some of our local seafood. The bar serves up spirits and entertainment. Folks who book their stay at the hotel receive a nice discount on the boat rentals making this trip a great savings for a DIY adventure.

Homestyle Hospitality

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Based in Hoonah, Alaska

Services Offered

  • Hotel Lodging

  • Restaurant & Bar

  • Boat Rentals

  • Car Rentals