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Serious hunters and hikers rely on Kenetrek Boots for their extreme durability and all-day comfort. Owned and designed by hunters who needed a boot they could count on for demanding ten-day sheep hunts, Kenetrek continually conducts brutal field tests aimed at making the toughest, most comfortable boots around perform even better. Customers know their boots will conquer the most merciless terrain imaginable because they test all their boots, socks and other products to the highest field-use standards, giving customers the ultimate confidence in their products.

These top boot designers create all of their products with the end user in mind. With years of experience hunting all over the world, they have a huge advantage over other boot companies. They know exactly what a mountain hunting boot goes through, and how it needs to perform in order to keep you upright and comfortable on your hunt of a lifetime.

Kenetrek Boots founder Jim Winjum is a leading authority on footwear design for mountain hunting. Jim obtained an engineering degree from Montana State University, and then went to work for Schnee’s Boots in Bozeman designing and developing all their footwear for over 18 years. When that company sold in 2005, Jim’s passion for backcountry hunting and the equipment required to participate in these adventures led Jim (and his partners) to create Kenetrek Boots in Bozeman, Montana.

Jim has a huge passion for the outdoors which is evidenced by his hunting efforts. He has taken the Grand Slam of North American Sheep with a rifle, and most recently, just completed his Archery Grand Slam of North American Sheep. This is the 70th recorded successful Archery Slam ever. Jim hunts all over the world, and has been fortunate enough to harvest 17 of the species of North American Big Game Animals – 13 with a bow and arrow.

Jim certainly has the first hand knowledge of what hunters experience in the field which helps him to continue to develop features for Kenetrek Boots. He is a well known conservationist, and advocate for youth education and hunting. Kenetrek Boots seeks to provide backcountry hunters with the best footwear and accessories possible..

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