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Kodiak Combos is based in Old Harbor, Kodiak, and offers guided saltwater fishing, transporter services for big game, and guided sea-duck hunts. We can also put you onto coho salmon in the nearby rivers when the fish have come inland. Captain Jeff Peterson’s family has lived in Old Harbor for generations and that gives us intimate local knowledge. We fish year-round and hunt avidly throughout the year, so we have our finger on the pulse of the fish and game in the area at all times.

Old Harbor is known for producing big king salmon, and that’s part of our usual program. We troll for kings all-year-long, and can also help you catch halibut, lingcod, rockfish and Pacific cod. In the rivers, the prime objective is to catch coho salmon. As a transporter, Kodiak Combos can take hunters into the field to pursue Sitka blacktail deer and mountain goats. We also offer transporter services for resident brown-bear hunters. Additionally, fully-guided sea-duck hunts are a specialty of ours at Kodiak Combos. We use two saltwater boats to both fish and transport. Lodging and meals are included in your stay, and we aim to make you comfortable and keep you well-fed when you stay at the Old Harbor Lodge. Head out to the village to experience part of the true Alaska with Kodiak Combos.

We have added a new captain to operate one of our boats out of Kodiak city and are now catching, processing, and freezing Pacific cod onboard the Fishy Fishy for resale as fresh flash frozen at sea.

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Based in Old Harbor, Alaska

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