Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle

Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle is Alaska’s #1 brand of local fishing lures. We design and manufacture quality gear that targets nearly every species of sport fish in Alaska. Anglers from around the world use Kodiak Custom Tackle to catch everything from salmon, bass, northern pike, lake trout and burbot to halibut, ling cod, rock fish and the list goes on!

* Our G.I. and Skirt Spinners are premium multi-species lures, built with monstrous durability and engineered to withstand the abuse that hard fishing will dish out. Kodiak Custom spinners are local favorites for catching northern pike, king (chinook), silver (coho) and humpy (pink) salmon across Alaska.

* If spoon feeding piscatory predators is your thing, Kodiak Custom offers a selection that is deliciously hand painted on both sides with an irresistible finish. We paired that with a spinner blade and extended hook configuration, trailing behind the lure and they fish like a boss! Salmon, northern pike, lake trout and sheefish all crush Kodiak Custom casting and trolling spoons while our micro jig spoons are great for catching trout, kokanee, whitefish and grayling.

* When targeting giant lake trout and burbot, dependable tube jigs are a must and that’s what Kodiak Custom delivers! Our deluxe model features a wire loop protruding out of the lead head that extends beyond the hook. Install beads, a blade, LED light etc. or stinger hook to the loop for added attraction and this set up is a fish pounding unit!

*  Alaska sockeye salmon go koo koo for Kodiak Custom Socko Loco fly rigs! We took the guess work out of tying the right gear for flossing sockeye on the Kenai River and Russian River. Our 30 lb. test set up is rigged on approx. 5.5 feet of monofilament leader and equipped with everything needed to floss sockeye salmon except for the weight. Simply attach a sinker to the duo-lock snap on our rig then flip em and lip em!

* Finally let’s give a big round of applause to Kodiak Custom Bottom Fish Jigs! This essential lure has continued to feed the world more halibut, lingcod and rockfish than any other sophisticated bottom fish jig in Alaska and should be inducted into the Hall of Fame! Our flashing light model mimics deep sea creatures such as octopus, squid and cuttlefish that release pulsating bio-luminescence (the production and emission of light). Blinking light emitted from bio-luminescence can attract predatory fish and trigger a feeding frenzy!

* Kodiak Custom Fishing Lures can be purchased in nearly 100 retailers across Alaska and select locations in the lower 48 states or direct from our website.

Visit the “Dealers” page on our website for a list of stores that offer Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle near you.

#1 local brand of Alaska Fishing Lures

Since 2000