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LEM Products is the leader in meat & game processing equipment. Their goal is simple: deliver high-quality products to hunters, fishers, processors, and home cooks. LEM’s assortment of products make it easy to process, prepare, and preserve your harvested food. From the first grind, to delicious sausages and homemade jerky, to helping your bounty stay fresh for longer, LEM has you covered. They carry over 800 different products that you can purchase right at lemproducts.com. You will also find them in over 4,500 retail stores throughout the US and Canada, including locations like Three Bears Alaska throughout our state. They believe home processing is a deeply rewarding experience and helps you take more pride in what you provide, and we agree. It also means serving the highest quality cuisine if you are meticulous at your fish and game care the way we are. LEM will help keep you processing for years to come.

Over the years we have used many LEM Products for our demanding fish and game processing in Alaska. We are big fans of their MaxVac Pro Air Chamber sealer and resealable vacuum sealer bags, their Big Bite grinder that comes in a variety of sizes, their Big Bite Stainless Steel Dehydrator, Jerky Cannon, Backwoods sausage seasonings, and more. Over and again the LEM products we have used have proven to be high quality and they are great folks to work with as well!

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