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Miss Mayfly

Celebrating women in all their glorious shapes and sizes.

Miss Mayfly prides themselves in creating women’s fishing and wading gear products that are designed to fit, look flattering while also optimizing performance. They accomplish this by utilizing groundbreaking designs that are specifically created to work with a woman’s curves and movements. An innovative sizing system and fabric enables them to produce products that fit most women’s body sizes and types, differentiating the line from other brands.

Through your fishing triumphs and your challenges, Miss Mayfly wants to be there with you!

Women are one of the fastest growing demographics in the outdoor space, accounting for nearly ten million women nationally. Studies show that 68% of women are a size 14 and above and as an under-served market, they are often forced to wear ill-fitting men’s gear. There are many women who simply cannot enjoy the sport fully because the competitors gear does not meet the majority of women’s sizing and performance needs. Miss Mayfly’s mission is to raise the industry standards for female anglers by creating gear that empowers all women to enjoy the sport. They work to break the barriers that many women face because under their roof, everyone counts, all sizes, ages, races, fishing styles and skill levels.

Miss Mayfly is all about empowering women anglers. It’s their mission to elevate you, celebrate you, and bring you the best fitting waders on the market today.

They have created an innovative wader sizing system that is available in 3 bootie sizes; size 6/7, 8/9, 10/11. Each bootie size comes in 4 body types, Slim, Curvy, Full and Plus and an additional size 8-10 Supreme for extra plus widths. Miss Mayfly Waders will fit women who are slim and petite, to the largest sizes which scale up to 64″ in hip width, making Miss Mayfly the most inclusive women’s fishing gear company in the industry.

If they can’t fit you in one of our standard sizes, they now offer custom made waders with a low custom order fee. 

Made for Women. By Women.

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For Women of All Shapes and Sizes

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