Muck Boots was founded out of necessity made for working and playing in the muck. Their company takes pride and puts great value in being “100% Muckproof.” And it is what goes into their product that helps them stand by this tenet.

Muck Boots are constructed with all seams cemented, stitched, and sealed with rubber tape for guaranteed waterproof protection. They use a scuba-grade neoprene on their booties that are completely waterproof, insulated, durable, comfortable and flexible. It is constructed on a rubber cupsole for extra durability and traction. The neoprene boots then sits inside the cupsole offering added stability. In key locations they place multiple layers of rubber to create that extra durability. And then there are the smart creature comforts added like the kick-off lug that allows you to slip off the boots without using your hands and the silver reflective stripe for safety.

Muck Boots is outdoorsman friendly, including hunting-specific boots in camouflage. They also make work boots and cold weather boots. Muck Boots are great in Alaska for fishing, hunting, camping, riding four wheelers, playing in the snow, riding snowmachines and working in the outdoors.

Find Mucks at Alaska retailers across the state, including Sweeney’s Clothing & Footwear in Soldotna.

Premium Waterproof Boots

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  • Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s Boots

  • Hunting Boots

  • Gardening Footwear

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