Naknek River Camp

Naknek River Camp

Welcome to Naknek River Camp – I am addicted to catching big fish. I’ve been through all of the 12-step programs. I’ve read John Gierach. I’ve even taken pictures of eight-inch brook trout. Nothing has worked. The adrenaline rush that sweeps through me when a monster fish grabs my fly is like a drug. For someone afflicted with this pervasive illness, Alaska is the only medicine. The problem is that like most addictions, this one can be horribly expensive. Many a poor soul has been forced to choose between buying shoes for his kids or paying for that $10,000 trip to Bristol Bay. Thankfully, help has arrived.

A trip to the Naknek, the best trophy rainbow river in Bristol Bay, is now available at an affordable price. No longer will a fishing trip to Alaska have to be “once in a lifetime” because, speaking as an addict, a one-time shot of Alaska just isn’t enough. You have to experience the epic smolt migrations of June, the huge runs of salmon in July and August and the monster rainbows of September and October for yourself.

No, for the true big-fish junkie, one trip to Alaska won’t stop the shakes. That is why, here at Naknek River Camp, we’ve gone the extra mile to make Alaska affordable: 7-day guided trips, including food and lodging in our riverfront resort from $3,995.

Alaska’s Best Trophy Rainbow River

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For Under $4000

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