P-Line’s main mission is to provide the best fishing line available. P-Line’s copolymer based technology delivers a thin-diameter, soft, supple fishing line that brings many advantages into one line. It improves casting distance for anglers, and gives a more natural presentation to lures and baits and allows for increased line capacity on reels. P-Line consistently demonstrates superior strength, great castability and abrasion resistance that is unsurpassed on the water. One of the most popular lines we use by P-Line in Alaska is the SS Fluorocarbon Leader, as well as XTCB 8 Braid.

Not only does P-Line make line for a variety of applications, they also make riggings, lures, tackle, and baitfish imitations. Some of the most popular hard bait choices they make for Alaska include the Kodiak Jig, Diamond Jig, Halibut drop Jig, and the Hex bar.

For soft baits P-Line makes a variety of fish getters for the Alaska saltwater including the Bottom Fish Grubs, Sunrise Squid, the Twin Tail Halibut Leader, Rock Cod Rig and Lingcod Rig.

P-Line’s tool selection includes a variety of useful pliers, multi-tools, hemostats and more. You’ll find P-Line at your local sporting goods store.

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