Rick Grover invented RaptoRazor knives because he was looking to create a system to speed up field-dressing game, while also reducing hand fatigue. The RaptoRazor Big Game Skinner combined with their Mano Knife provides a knife kit to allow you to quickly skin an animal and cut it into four quarters, two backstraps, two tenderloins, and neck meat.

To see these knives in action, go to the seminar section and watch the videos using these knives to field dress a deer and another video field-dressing an elk. Rick provides tips on how he field-dresses game using the gutless method, and shares some tricks to make the process go faster and to keep the meat clean.

The Big Game Skinner utilizes a convex skinning blade and concave hide opening blade in conjunction with a T-handle to allow a hunter to make an incision into the hide, use the concave edge to very quickly open the hide, then use the skinning blade to rapidly cape out the animal. The unit is well built, made from an aluminum blade housing, non-slip T-Grip handle, super-sharp steel blade and stainless-steel screws. The Big Game Skinner also comes with a bit holder with four bits, bit driver, compass, three Big Game Skinner Blades, one Marine Big Game Skinner Blade (this blade does not have the convex skinning blade built into it), a Safety Blade Guard, and nylon carrying case. Blades are replaceable, so you can simply remove the two screws and replace the blade when needed.

The Mano Knife is the companion tool needed to do the rest of the cutting tasks when field-dressing game. In addition to the standard blades that come with the knife, seven other knife blades and three different saw blades can attach to the Mano handle, making this a multi-functional tool. The Mano Knife comes with an aluminum housing, T-grip handle, two stainless-steel screws, bit holder, compass, three Mano blades, a Safety Blade Guard and nylon carrying case.

RaptoRazor offers a range of products including a variety of blades, a meat hook, brain scrambler, and combination kits. They also offer items for fishermen including their Fillet Mano Kit, Lightweight Marine Mano, Lightweight Marine Big Game Skinner and Marine Gaffs.

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