Reel Action Alaska Lodge

Guests of  Reel Action Alaska Lodge can focus their trip on the king or silver season and experience quality rainbow fishing and other anadromous species all-season. Kings are fishable in river from about June 15 through July 25 each year and they are especially enjoyable to catch and release on the Kanektok using 12- to 14-foot spey rods. Landing kings on a fly rod is special and it’s not out of the ordinary on the Kanektok River to catch 8- to 10 kings per person in a day. Folks who fish for kings frequently know that’s quite a number. Catch-and-release is the only way to go with this extraordinary run. Silvers overlap kings slightly, beginning around July 23 and they remain catchable in good numbers through the first week of September. They make great table fare for the guests of Reel Action who want to take fish when they return home and will last well into winter.

Guests can fly into Bethel on an Alaska Airlines flight then take a charter flight to Quinhagak, the village directly across the river from the Reel Action Alaska Lodge situated within the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. You will be met at the commuter flight, take a brief drive to the river’s edge and motor over to the lodge via boat literally right across the river. 

Full-Service Tent Lodge

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on the Kanektok River

Services Offered

  • Kanektok River Fly Fishing

  • Tent Cabins

  • Lodge Equipment & Fly Patterns