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Rogue Jet Boatworks has become the leader in high-quality hand-crafted aluminum boats for customers demanding the very best. Manufacturers of all-welded aluminum boats for recreation, sporting, and government applications since 1993, Rogue Jet Boats has come a long way in the variety of boat styles and solutions they offer. Leading the industry with over 40 standard features on their boat models, Rogue Jet has a model to meet your angling needs.

For over 35 years Rogue Jet Boatworks founder Bruce C. Wassom has been building, designing, and testing all-welded aluminum boats. Rogue Jet Boats’ customer service, product development, and product line have been based on Bruce’s criteria of quality, honesty, and integrity. Our own Editor George Krumm chose a Rogue Jet when it was time for him to invest in a fishing vessel.

Everything is made to order for the customer at Rogue Jet. Buyers tour their facility and take part in a live product demonstration on the water with a Rogue Jet Professional before your boat build begins. It is important to their staff that you understand what model and options fit your use needs. The buyer gets involved so that at the end you have the exact boat you want by choosing the differentiating factors so that it is tailored just to you.

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