Scent Striker by Appanage

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Scent Striker

Scent Striker ® is designed to allow you to add scent to any bait set-up, and holds an ample amount of your favorite oil, gel, or sauce. Its hollow center means you simply string it anywhere on your line or leader. It is designed to be ‘Alaska tough’ and lasts bite after bite and season after season. The patented scent enhancer was conceived by a Juneau resident while trolling the waters of southeast Alaska. Appanage Fishing was born with this as their first product launch. It has been featured in our magazine with an Editors’ Choice Award after use across Alaska by our field testing team.

Scent Striker catches fish!

Decades of research show the importance of a fish’s sense of smell in finding food. Take advantage of a fish’s olfactory food-seeking behavior. Scent Striker ® also adds a colorful, durable, and odor initiating bait to all your action lures. Its fiber body comes in color choices that produce strikes. Made tough, once it is tied into your set-up it holds up bite after bite. The only thing you have to do is periodically add more of your favorite scent. It is long lasting and keeps your gear in the water. It holds and then distributes scent oils and gels that leave the odor trail leading fish to your lure. The importance of using a full complement of sensory cues in your bait set-up plays a vital role in catching fish.

These Alaska salmon attractants come in three styles and a half a dozen colors and can be purchased on their website.

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