Sea Tow Southcentral

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Sea Tow Southcentral Alaska is Alaska’s road service at sea. Serving the boaters of Homer, Seward, Whittier and Valdez, they offer an annual membership at the low rate of only $199 per year for recreational boaters. As a member, you will have the peace of mind knowing that they have you covered 24/7/365. They provide FREE towing, jump starts, fuel & part deliveries, ungrounding and much more for their members. Sea Tow does provide these services to NON-Members as well but at an hourly rate starting at $300/Hour.

When boating in Alaska, all boaters need a friend on the water. That’s exactly what you will have as a member. In addition, Sea Tow does offer membership to Commercial boaters. They also provide other on-water services to include spill response, transport, water taxi services and salvage/recovery.

Owned by husband and wife team Captain Trey and Alyssa Hill, they are great folks who have done a great job bringing this service to Alaska. They are reliable and hard working. We highly recommend this service for Alaska boaters.

Alaska’s Road Service at Sea

Homer, Seward, Whittier & Valdez

Services Offered

  • Towing

  • Jump Starts

  • Spill Response, and more!

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