Black Hills Ammunition: Tips for Better Shooting

Shooting Tips is a long and complicated topic. Hunters and shooters all have their opinions on what company makes the best ammunition, and that subject can become long and convoluted when you delve into different calibers and applications.

In our opinion, Black Hills Ammunition is among the best ammunition manufacturers out there. Their ammunition is reliable, consistent, uses top-notch components and is assembled by skilled craftsmen. We usually find ourselves choosing ammunition from Black Hills Ammunition when heading out on big-game hunts.

Jeff Hoffman, Owner of Black Hills Ammunition, covers many important topics for shooters and hunters in this video full of shooting tips. His years of experience in law enforcement, countless hours of shooting time and years working with the military have combined to help him form a company that builds premium ammunition. With his wife Kristi, they own and manage Black Hills Ammunition in Rapid City, SD. And he is someone you’ll want to tune in with for shooting tips.

In this seminar Jeff discusses the concept of chasing your zero. In a nutshell he cautions against being too hasty when shooting groups to make scope adjustments. He explains that there are a lot of factors that can cause a zero shift. He recommends to have some patience, shoot several groups and consider shooting for several hours before making adjustments. He explains that consistency in body position is one of the keys to consistent groups. He offers several great tips in this segment.

In another segment, Jeff discusses how to judge the wind. He explains some of the things that he does to be able to judge the wind. He encourages the viewer to get a Kestrel that can measure wind speed, go out in the field, guess the wind speed and then use the Kestrel to measure the wind. This helps calibrate your brain to wind speed.

In another segment, Jeff reviews his Mil Dot Reticle Formula. This formula helps him to figure out how to shoot in the wind. He explains how to use a Mil Dot Reticle to compensate for wind. The formula goes like this: Using a 7.62mm caliber rifle with 168-grain to 178-grain boat tail hollow point match ammunition, for every 200 meters of bullet travel in a 10 mph crosswind, you will need a 1/2 mil adjustment. Jeff’s intimate knowledge of shooting gives us great confidence choosing ammunition from Black Hills Ammunition and why we listen up when he is sharing his shooting tips.

In the final two segments, Jeff discusses the state of the ammunition industry and one of their new rounds, the .300 Blackout 198-grain Dual Performance ammunition. When choosing ammunition for your next hunt or for time spent training at the range, consider the ammunition options from Black Hills Ammunition and follow Jeff’s advice to better shooting.

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