Shurhold One Bucket System

Produced by Troy Buzalsky

Troy Buzalsky is the Boats columnist at Fish Alaska. He’s written about everything from boat maintenance to boat product lines and everything in between in the years he’s been writing for us.  In this video he discusses boat maintenance and products specifically made by Shurhold to help take care of your boat.  

Troy breaks down the products that make up the Shurhold Ultimate One Bucket System—the easiest way to take care of your boat.  It starts with a five-gallon bucket with a heavy-duty rope handle. Trust us—this handle isn’t going to fail when the bucket is full of soapy water. The bucket comes with a padded lid to give you something to sit on or kneel on. Inside the bucket is a six-inch deck brush with soft bristles.  The brush can be attached to a telescoping aluminum handle. Also in the bucket is a chamois mop which can also be attached to the telescoping aluminum handle.  The chamois mop is perhaps the best way to prevent water spotting when you’re done washing the boat.

The bucket caddy fits in the bucket and contains Bright Wash cleaner, SMC cleaner (Serious Multipurpose Cleaner), Serious Shine (for hard surfaces, vinyl and glass), Buff Magic compound, PRO Polish wax and sealant, and Mold Away (especially helpful to remove mold and moss). 

The last item in the bucket is the Bucket Grate.  It is designed to keep your deck brush off the bottom of the bucket so it doesn’t pick up the grit that invariably settles to the bottom while you’re washing your boat with Shurhold Brite Wash.

The Shurhold One Bucket System is a clean and simple way to keep all your boat cleaning supplies in one place. Not having to search for what you need to clean and maintain the boat is a big time saver. The components of the system are first-rate, and make it easy to keep your boat looking like new. Never forget—a clean boat is a fishy boat!