Stubby Dodger

In 1948 Lew Morrison started Silver Horde Manufacturing with a 7-inch plug used for commercial fishing. The success of his business came from an attention to quality. Lew and Gladys, Silver Horde’s founders, would always say “listen to the fishermen and deliver what they need.” We still use the same philosophy to deliver top-quality products designed for and inspired by anglers. Today we help the fishing fleets of the Pacific to catch more fish, as well as fishermen across the United States, Canada and even into Europe. Now into our third generation of family ownership, the Silver Horde team continues to produce highly effective lures. Our saltwater salmon trolling lures are among Fish Alaska’s very top choices when it comes to targeting Chinook and coho on the troll.

Our Coho Killer is one of Fish Alaska’s very favorite trolling spoons. Chinook and coho salmon love to eat it. Trolled behind a flasher of your choice off a downrigger, Coho Killers accurately mimic needlefish, which is a common baitfish in Alaska waters. Fish Alaska has caught both kings and silvers across Alaska in the saltwater around Kodiak, out of Homer in lower Cook Inlet, and in Southeast ports including Yakutat and Sitka. They’ve witnesses firsthand that rockfish, halibut and lingcod will all eat Coho Killer spoons. The spoon is offered in many different fish-catching colors, in Ultra Violet and Glow patterns and in the popular and productive Herring Aide pattern. The Silver Knight series of Coho Killer colors feature a “Genuine Silver” plating. The light retention of silver makes these lures super visible. To bring on the bite we add our Ultra Violet reactive clear coat as well.

Another highly effective trolling spoon we produce is the Kingfisher. Like the Coho Killer, most everything swimming in the saltwater of Alaska will eat the Kingfisher spoon. It comes in a dazzling array of patterns and multiple sizes  The spoon is a realistic baitfish imitation, especially smaller-sized herring. The #5 Kingfisher is made with heavier gauge brass and a big bend; this spoon is not for the timid. It can be fished with or without a flasher. If you are going to use a flasher with this spoon, use a longer leader. This lure has a little more drag, so if the spoon is too close it will take some of the action out of the flasher. Try the #5 Kingfisher stacked on the downrigger main line above a flasher or behind a sliding sinker straight out the back of the boat. The go-to colors are #395 Herring Aide and #675 Cookies “N” Cream, both feature the dual visibility of Double Glow & UV that fish can’t resist. Add a 6/0 or bigger super sharp hook and hang on for the ride.

Two other incredibly productive Silver Horde lures to consider adding to your trolling arsenal are the Ace Hi Fly and the Yamashita hoochie. The hoochies come in multiple sizes and a great color selection. Many savvy trollers will skip bait altogether and fill their trolling spreads with Ace Hi Flies, hoochies, and both Coho Killer and Kingfisher spoons. Something new for all the Ace Hi Fly anglers out there; why not combine two Silver Horde originals: the Herring Aide Pattern and the Ace Hi Fly?  Why not indeed, so we did it and the results are…Winner.  Go “All In” and add these bad boys to your tackle arsenal.

Now available in the Herring Aide pattern, Yamashita “Golden Bait” hoochies are a favorite of Pacific Ocean salmon trollers. These lures are made from a super supple vinyl material that is tear resistant and has an elastic quality.  Because they have no air trapped in the material they have no buoyancy in the water which allows the tentacles to flow freely and create a superior fish-attracting action. The Herring Aide pattern contains Ultra Violet reactive material that makes then super visible. You can also pair this hoochie with a Gold Star Glow Twinkle Tail insert to add a punch of glow power.

It’s true, if you wait long enough something old and almost forgotten can become reborn. The Stubby Dodger is NEW AGAIN. The Stubby is one of the original dodger patterns. Silver Horde is reintroducing it in a selection of fish-catching color patterns. From the old standard Flame Orange that is popular with the coho anglers of Lake Michigan to the Herring Aide that has taken over the West Coast. The Stubby is made from spring temper brass equipped with strong welded stainless rings and corrosion-resistant swivels. Featuring Double Glow, Chrome, Genuine Silver Plate, Fluorescent and Ultra-Violet finishes. This dodger has a light trolling action and can be used with an Ace Hi Fly, Spoon or the old standby cut plug or Teaser Head herring rig. Try it stacked above your other gear when fishing with a downrigger or straight out the back of the boat rigged with a sliding sinker.

Silver Horde Fishing Supplies, Inc.

Lew and Gladys Morrison started Silver Horde Fishing Supplies, Inc. in the fall of 1948.

An avid outdoorsman Lew always had an interest in fishing.  As a young adult he spend his winters commercial fishing for Whitefish below the lace ice in the Northwest Territories and Alberta Canada.   He started a mercantile Store in Northern Alberta where he met and married Glady.  One of their best selling products was Lew’s “Best by Test” coffee, they always had a freshly brewed pot for their customers.  We still use Lew’s “Best By Test” slogan to advertise Silver Horde Plugs.

Since 1948