Smoked Salmon Carbonara

Recipe by Chef Chris Lee

Smoked salmon carbonara is a quick and easy dish that will please a crowd and make good use of leftover smoked salmon. Chris Lee is the Executive Chef at Nushagak River Adventures Lodge. In this video, he explains and shows how to make smoked salmon carbonara in less than eight minutes! Chef Chris’s recipe is simple, fast and will please everyone from your kids to your most discriminating guests. If you followed the instructions in Fish Alaska Publisher Marcus Weiners How to Smoke Salmonvideo, then you already have one of the key ingredients for smoked salmon carbonarathe smoked salmon. The other four ingredients you probably already have on hand, with the exception of the Pecorino Romano cheese. Aside from smoked salmon and Pecorino Romano, youll need an egg plus one egg yolk, salt, about three tbsp butter, chopped asparagus tips (or other crunchy, green veggie) and spaghetti noodles. You could easily substitute a different type of noodle for this dish, if desired. The magic is in the sauce, and of course, the smoked salmon.

This recipe results in a creamy, cheesy, slightly smoky flavor, but uses smoked salmon instead of guanciale. Chef Chriss smoked salmon carbonara recipe can be completed in less than eight minutes if you have all the ingredients prepared. Its important to not cook the sauce on too high of heat. Chris suggests medium low. This will ensure you wind up with a creamy sauce; not scrambled eggs.

The next time you have a little smoked salmon and dont feel like eating it plain, crumble it up and try this dish. Smoked salmon carbonara is a wonderful way to use smoked salmon, and Chef Chriss recipe is sure to become one of your favorite ways to feature smoked salmon. Here are the written instructions for Chef Chris’s Smoked Salmon Carbonara recipe.