Spyderco Knives

Spyderco pioneered the modern folding knife, introducing now-common features like the pocket clip, serrated edge and one-handed opening capability. Those innovations revolutionized the pocketknife and changed the knife industry forever. Today, that creative spirit and an uncompromising commitment to quality are still the heart of Spyderco’s distinctive product line, which includes a full range of folding knives, fixed-blades, sharpeners and other accessories produced in five different countries, including their facility in Golden, CO USA. Spyderco’s OpFocus products–specialized tools intended for duty-bound personnel and first responders—and their economical Byrd line further expand their spectrum of products to include something for every knife user.

We have field tested many of the knives by Spyderco and each of us has been impressed with the design of the knives we have used and the sharpness of the blade and edge it holds. Each year these knowledgeable knife makers are creating new styles, customizing existing tried and true styles and staying at the cutting edge of knife technology. With more than 45 years in the knife making business, Spyderco continues to impress the market with their innovation and customer focus. They serve a wide range of knife needs from cutlery to fishing, hunting and everyday carry.

Those who know carry Spyderco.

A Leader in the Cutlery Industry


Based in Golden, Colorado

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