Anadromous Waters

Trout Unlimited

In southeast Alaska, there are over 5,000+ anadromous watersheds. Of that, only 325 are recognized as supporting annual runs of steelhead. The “officially recognized” part is key, as this means inclusion in the ADF&G Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC).

Protection of these specified water bodies in the AWC is addressed by Alaska law, which requires persons or governmental agencies to submit plans and specifications to ADF&G and receive written approval in the form of a Fish Habitat Permit prior to beginning the proposed use, construction or activity that would take place in specified water bodies.

Long story short, if a species isn’t included in the AWC for a particular waterbody, there are no protections afforded that species, and therein lies the rub: To conserve steelhead and their habitat in a water body not listed as supporting them in the AWC, proof of their existence needs to be carefully and accurately documented.

Trout Unlimited has worked to increase the number of officially recognized anadromous streams by using community science – going to select Tongass 77 watersheds and surveying the area for steelhead.

Stay up to date on the latest news and updates to conserve steelhead in the Tongass National Forest and beyond from America’s Salmon Forest.

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