What’s In A Pilot’s Pack

What to pack for Alaska is a question that many visitors wrestle with. Since there are so many different micro climates across Alaska, packing lists will change depending on where and when you travel to Alaska. In this video seminar from Trail Ridge Air, we learn what their pilots put in their packs. 

Adam Redman from Trail Ridge Air goes over the items in his pilot’s pack. He first explains that in a survival situation, it’s important to have everything in one convenient spot attached to your body. He uses a Stearns personal floatation device that uses a carbon dioxide cartridge to inflate. 

The first item that Adam covers in the what to pack seminar is a fixed-blade survival knife. He  considers this to be one of the most important items in his kit. The next item is a compact SOL survival kit which includes waterproof matches, a lighter, striker, duct tape, and iodine tablets. When the weather cools off, Adam adds fingerless wool gloves into his vest. 

Adam adds a small bivvy sack to his vest. If you were to get stranded, then having this item would make the night a lot more comfortable and warm. Trail Ridge Air pilots add a tube of DEET to their vests; biting insects in Alaska are everywhere in the summer. Adam recommends having bug spray when going anywhere in Alaska in the summer. He also carries sunscreen because long summer days can get hot and sunburn is common with nearly 24 hours of daylight.

When determining what to pack for Alaska, consider the time of year. Adam shares that as the season progresses into fall, he adds a headlamp and extra batteries to his survival vest.

What to pack for AlaskaFinally, Trail Ridge Air pilots pack a pair of rubber hip boots into their planes. When landing in shallow rivers or lakes, they might need to get out and maneuver the plane to get it into deeper water.

When packing for a trip to Alaska, consider a survival kit of your own when flying on small planes. It’s very unlikely that you would ever need it, but if you did, you’d sure be glad to have done the preparation and be ready for a survival situation. More realistically, consider adding some of these critical items like bug spray and sunscreen to your luggage when determining what to pack for Alaska travel.  

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