Women Fishing & What To Look For in a Fishing Adventure

Produced by Linda Leary

Women fishing is a common occurrence, especially in Alaska. Linda Leary is the owner of FisheWear and Womens Flyfishing. Shes more than qualified to talk about fishingwhat women are looking for in a fishing adventure, whether it be a week-long lodge trip, or shorter day trips. 

Fishing opportunities in Alaska are many, and range from extreme wilderness trips to 5-star lodges complete with chef-prepared multi-course meals, appetizers and wine. Regardless, women want to know that wherever youre going, its safe, clean and welcoming. 

Many women who are fishing in Alaska, especially if they are new to the sport, want to be comfortable. Comfort is relative, but the more comfortable they are, the more likely they are to continue in the sport. 

Guides should be friendly and should be aware of what women want and need during a day on the water. There are operations that cater primarily to women, such as Women’s Flyfishing. Such operations will surely be attuned to what women want in their on-the-water fishing experience.

Some of the items Linda discusses regarding safety and fishing include safety briefings if fishing with a guide, bear awareness, wading safety, and so on. The idea is to provide information so any fear of the unknown is minimized. Many women who are new the sport will be grateful for a higher level of communication regarding things to be aware of, the agenda for the day, as well as the nuts and bolts of the fishing itself.

Regardless of the type of operation, cleanliness will go a long ways to providing the comfort women want and deserve. 

Much of what Linda talks about in this presentation is valuable to lodges and guides catering to fishing for ladies. Women are one of the fastest growing segments of the fishing industry, so it makes sense to ensure your operation accommodates the desires and needs of women. It can boost your bottom line.