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Women’s Flyfishing

Women’s Flyfishing ® provides the opportunity to experience Alaska with the fly fishing experts. Women’s Flyfishing® is dedicated to helping women learn and enjoy the sport of fly fishing in a supportive and non-competitive environment. We believe that fly fishing can be experienced on many different levels and that one need not be an expert to appreciate the beauty of the fish and flies, the peace of the environment, and the adventure, fun and challenge of the sport.

We offer small group guided trips throughout Alaska for women and couples for trout, salmon, Arctic grayling, Arctic char, and northern pike. We also offer on-the- water fly fishing schools for women; fly fishing, casting and fly tying instruction; and drive-to and fly-out float tubing.

Linda Leary purchased Women’s Flyfishing ® from well know female fly fisherman, writer and instructor Pudge Kleinkauf several years ago upon Pudge’s retirement. Pudge’s original reason for starting Women’s Flyfishing some 30 years ago was because she could not find a woman to teach her to fly fish. Once she got good at it, she decided she should be the one to bridge the gap for women. Linda Leary boldly disrupted the fishing industry with her gorgeous designs for women who fish with her brand FisheWear. And now with Linda and her talented team taking the program to the next level, these sister companies provide a community where women can nurture their interest in fly fishing, develop their skills and make friends with similar folks. The camaraderie found among women who fish is really remarkable. Come learn from the best, most supportive instructors, at Women’s Flyfishing ®.

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women's flyfishing

Based in Anchorage, Alaska

Services Offered

  • Fly Fishing Trips

  • Fly Fishing Classes

  • Fly Tying Instruction

  • Girls Summer Camp