Field Dressing A Deer In 30 Mins

How to field dress deer is a question that many hunters face when first getting into deer hunting. Some prefer the gutless method, while others prefer to gut the deer before skinning, and will either then field dress into quarters or pack out whole.

Most hunters have their favorite knives and tools that they use, either ones recommended by the person who taught them how to field dress a deer, or through field experience. In this seminar, learn about the tools offered by RaptoRazor, and learn how to field dress a deer in 30 minutes.

The unique tools that RaptoRazor manufactures aids in the speed in which hunters can break down animals. Their Big Game Skinner and Mano were designed to help hunters in breaking down game. In this video, Rick Grover, owner and founder of RaptoRazor, uses these tools to show you  the gutless field dressing method. Rick shares that the gutless method has advantages, which include leaving the guts undisturbed to contaminate the meat, as well as allowing the hunter to break the animal down more quickly to get the meat cooling. 

Rick shows how to use the housing on the Big Game Skinner to guide where to cut and help not cut into the meat. He advises to skin as you go, exposing the front quarter first and removing it, then progressing to the backstrap, then neck meat, then rear quarter. His plan is to keep as much dirt  off the meat as possible, and by skinning in stages, he can accomplish this. He states that less pressure is better with the Big Game Skinner. He also says that it helps to have two guys so that one can cut and one can lift.

How to butcher a deer quickly is a good skill to have, and Rick shares some tips for how to  get the rear quarter off quickly with little meat loss. After removing the hind quarter, Rick shows you how to remove the tenderloin from under the short rib and stresses not to puncture the stomach. He further demonstrates how the Big Game Skinner functions as a pipe cutter and allows you to cut all  the way around the leg, as well as separate joints. 

How to field dress deer is an important skill to possess, and it’s the same technique regardless of the size of the ungulate. One of the pointers that Rick shares is to keep the silver skin on the backstraps as that will protect them from dirt. Rick keeps them on and removes them just prior to cooking.

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