Trolling for King Salmon

Trolling for King Salmon Produced by Jeff Peterson of Kodiak Combos Trolling for king salmon is one of Jeff Peterson's, owner of Kodiak Combos in Old Harbor on Kodiak Island, favorite activities. He has lived in that area most of his life. One of the [...]

Trolling for King Salmon2020-06-26T14:32:41-08:00

Dry Fly Fishing

Dry Fly Fishing for Rainbows & Grayling Produced by Rob Fuentes of Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge Dry fly fishing for rainbows and grayling in Wood Tikchik State Park can be phenomenal. Rob Fuentes, owner of Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge in Bristol Bay, reminds us it’s not uncommon [...]

Dry Fly Fishing2020-06-24T15:56:50-08:00

Burnewiin Equipped

Burnewiin Equipped Produced by Troy Buzalsky Burnewiin makes a boat mounting system and multiple accessories that can be plugged into those mounts; items such as their four different rod holders, a Burnewiin knife, tables and cutting boards, and more. Troy Buzalsky is the Boats columnist [...]

Burnewiin Equipped2020-06-26T14:36:25-08:00

Eklutna River

Eklutna River Restoration Produced by Eric Booton of Trout Unlimited The Eklutna River basin, tucked away in a valley not far from Anchorage, was once a thriving salmon fishery but has been greatly diminished by inadequate water flows. We are working to bring salmon back [...]

Eklutna River2020-06-26T14:57:06-08:00

Fly Gear Hacks

Fly Gear Hacks Produced by Ben Rowell of Highway 3 Angler Fly gear hacks can save you time, money, or possibly both. Ben Rowell, owner/operator of Highway 3 Angler, shares three flyfishing gear hacks in this video. In Alaska, fly gear runs the gamut from [...]

Fly Gear Hacks2020-06-30T15:14:04-08:00

Alaska Lakes: Fishing Chironomid Pupae Imitations in Southcentral 

Alaska Lakes: Fishing Chironomid Pupae Imitations in Southcentral  Produced by George Krumm Alaska lakes are one of George Krumm’s favorite subjects. George is the Editor in Chief and Stillwater columnist of Fish Alaska. He’s an unrepentant stillwater flyfishing fanatic, among other things.  He moved to [...]

Alaska Lakes: Fishing Chironomid Pupae Imitations in Southcentral 2020-06-26T14:50:01-08:00

Shurhold One Bucket System

Shurhold One Bucket System Produced by Troy Buzalsky Troy Buzalsky is the Boats columnist at Fish Alaska. He’s written about everything from boat maintenance to boat product lines and everything in between in the years he’s been writing for us.  In this video he discusses [...]

Shurhold One Bucket System2020-06-26T14:52:19-08:00

Tongass National Forest

Tongass National Forest Produced by Mark Hieronymus, Kayla Roys and Jenny Weis of Trout Unlimited The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska is our country’s largest and most unique national forest, at nearly 17 million acres.  Mark Hieronymus works on the Fish Habitat Project for [...]

Tongass National Forest2020-06-26T14:53:34-08:00
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